What is elder abuse?

Elder abuse is any physical, emotional, or financial harmful acts towards someone older than 65 years. They may be forceful or without contact.

How are some individuals more vulnerable?

Many senior citizens are more vulnerable. They may have mental and physical health issues. Elders, especially at risk, are those with dementia or living with abusive spouses.

How can you tell an elder is being abused?

A clear sign is when the person has injuries that indicate force. A change in the individual’s funds can mean that they are victims of financial abuse. Arguments and tension with the caregiver might indicate emotional abuse.

Who are the abusers?

In many cases, those who abuse the elderly are closest to them.

Yet, since many cases are not reported, there is not enough information to have a clear answer.

How many senior citizens are victims of elder abuse?

There is no way to know the number. Recent studies say that between 7.6 and 10 percent of elders are abused.

What are some ways to prevent elder abuse?

You need to make sure their health is a top priority. This includes mental health. How can you do this?

  • Keep them connected to the community.
  • Have them to attend support groups.
  • Create a living will.
  • Name a limited power of attorney.

Who can I call if I suspect there is an abusive situation?

There are many agencies you can call if you suspect abuse. Adult Protective Services is one of the most important. It handles many neglect issues. If there is evidence of abuse, you can seek compensation. Contact us; we are the best elder abuse law firm in LA.

What is physical elder abuse?

Physical abuse includes forceful actions towards senior citizens, for example, striking or restraining them.

What is sexual abuse?

Sexual abuse is when any non-consensual acts are performed on an elder. This includes:

  • Showing pornography.
  • Exposing oneself.
  • Forcing them to undress.

What is emotional abuse?

Threatening, humiliating or causing emotional stress to an elder.

What is financial abuse?

Tricking someone to gain control over their money or assets.

What is fraud?

To steal someone’s identity to gain access to their funds or assets.

What is neglect or abandonment?

Denying an elder the proper care that they require. This can beintentional or unintentional.

What is healthcare abuse?

Some examples of healthcare abuse include:

  • Charging while the care is not provided.
  • Under or over-medicating.
  • Medicare fraud.
  • To providing wrong guidance for remedies.

How can I find good legal representation?

You or a loved one have a case with solid standing? Look no further. We are the best law firm for elder abuse victims. Contact us if you want to bring to justice those who commit harmful acts towards elders.

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