What is personal injury?

It is a person’s injury due to the negligence or wrongdoing of an individual or company. Personal injury cases are all different. The common thing between them is that it can be tough to prove liability.

What are the various types of personal injury?

There are many different types of personal injury. These include:

  • Road accidents.
  • Slip-and-fall.
  • Product defects.
  • Dog bites.
  • Dangerous drugs.
  • Toxic torts.
  • Libel and slander.
  • Accidents involving rental property.

Who can file a personal injury lawsuit?

Any individual injured due to another person’s or a company’s negligence may file a lawsuit. Also, a family member who has legal power may file on their behalf. This applies, for example, to minors.

What are the key elements in personal injury cases?

The most vital thing to prove is that the individual or company has a reasonable care standard to uphold. This is different for each situation. Yet, a person or company may be held responsible even if there is a low standard.

Is negligence the only aspect of liability?

No, other things may be used as a basis for liability. Strict liability is becoming more common. It is a part of personal injury cases against manufacturers. This means you do not have to prove any negligence by the company. You must only prove someone suffered an injury from the product.

Can personal injury be intentional?

They typically are matters of unintentional harm to a person. Yet, people can file claims in a civil court in intentional harm situations.

Do I have a valid claim?

It depends on several factors. The main element to prove is if the party is liable. This stems from whether the party did not meet a reasonable care standard. We will look at the details of your case to see if this element is present. We will also study the defenses the other party may put to your claim.

Can I handle my case alone, or should I seek legal representation?

You may think that you can handle your own case. Plus, it is your right. Yet, personal injury law is deeply specific. You need an expert that takes your case seriously. Thus, you should consider hiring a legal team’s services. You need someone like Gharibian Law, the best personal injury law firm in LA. We know the ins and outs of these cases. Our team can build a strong case for you.

What will it cost me to have representation?

Your initial consultation with Gharibian Law is free. After that, it will depend. If you settle out of court, it will be more affordable. Yet, in Gharibian Law, we have a strict policy: we do not charge you until we win the case for you.

What is the best way for me to handle insurance adjusters?

In a car accident, insurance adjusters may ask you to make a recorded statement about the incident. You should not do this before you speak with an attorney. Do not say a word with your attorney present.

Should I accept the settlement amount from the insurance company?

Again, do not move a finger without your lawyer. The insurance adjuster will offer the minimum possible, and you don’t want to settle for less. We will help you get the maximum possible amount.

When can I file?

The time frame is essential. Personal injury cases have a statute of limitations. It varies between states, but it is usually no more than three years from the incident.

What can I expect for compensation?

We will examine your case’s details to request the amount. This includes:

  • Medical bills directly related to your injury.
  • Lost wages.
  • Other relevant figures.

What is “settling” in a personal injury case?

When you settle, you agree to accept compensation to avoid court. Lawyers handle the paperwork, and the victim is given their financial compensation. This saves time and money for both sides.

Will the responsible party serve any jail time?

No, this only happens in criminal cases. There are some rare cases when someone responsible for personal injuries may serve jail time.

Who should I contact to file?

Once you decide to file, you should find a reputable law firm or attorney in your area. Gharibian Law is a top-notch law firm in Glendale, California. Call us for personal injury information. Ask for your free consultation today.

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