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If you are from Riverside and have experienced a personal injury or abuse due to negligence at a nursing home, you deserve to be compensated and to see the person responsible held accountable for their actions. Our nursing home abuse lawyers can help you.

Nursing home abuse cases are on the rise when it comes to Riverside or anywhere else in the USA. Whether you are facing medical bills, abuse or harassment, it is important to act quickly. That is where Gharibian Law comes into the picture. Our Riverside nursing home abuse lawyers can secure financial compensation from the negligence on behalf of the elderly victim. Here at Gharibian Law, where we serve people throughout Riverside County, our nursing home abuse lawyers see all primary types of cases: those involving falls and fractures, bed sores, and physical abuse, whether it is by staff, or by a fellow resident.

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer in Riverside

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Nursing home abuse attorney Riverside


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Gharibian Law were the help I needed to approach the nursing home that didn’t take good care of my grandmother. With Gharibian’s help, my grandmother was fairly compensated for the injuries she suffered as a result of the nursing home’s neglect and abuse. So, if you’re looking for exceptionally qualified, well respected, and caring attorneys who are passionate about putting their clients’ best interest first, then I highly recommend Gharibian Law.

Types of Nursing Home Abuse


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The most common types of nursing home abuse in Riverside are as below:

  • Physical Abuse: Physical abuse is any action toward a patient that can cause physical harm, such as hitting, scratching, biting, shoving, or any other intentional act which causes an injury.
  • Sexual Abuse: It involves unwanted sexual attention or exploitation. It occurs most often to patients who are unable to express their desires to be free from such attention, such as with those patients suffering from dementia or other forms of mental incapacitation.
  • Emotional abuse: Nursing home staff can sometimes try to exercise authority or punish residents with insults, humiliation, name-calling, threats, and other words and actions that cause emotional trauma.
  • Financial abuse: It occurs when a nursing home employee takes advantage of a patient’s financial assets by stealing or otherwise compromising them.

If your loved one has suffered any of these forms of nursing home abuse, the nursing home likely has breached its duty of care and you may be able to pursue legal action. Call one of our Riverside nursing home abuse lawyers today to get justice done.

Common cases for nursing home negligence

  • Injury resulting from a failure to properly monitor or supervise the resident of a nursing home or elder care home.
  • Injury resulting from the caretaker leaving the resident in bed or in a wheelchair for longer than is considered safe for that resident.
  • Injury or assault related to physical abuse or sexual abuse toward the resident or elder living in a nursing home.
  • Injury resulting from a failure to keep the nursing home or elder care facility clean for the resident.
  • Injury resulting from failing to provide the nursing home resident with regular meals that meet their dietary needs and allow them to thrive.
Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer in Riverside

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  • You should not be concerned about the outcome of your case, because we treat every single legal matter brought to us with the same level of professionalism and are serious about bringing all guilty parties to justice.
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  • Our attorneys have years of experience representing clients in personal injury including elder abuse.

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Nursing home abuse cases in Riverside must be reported within the certain amount of time of the abuse. This time duration depends on several factors. So, don’t wait to call a qualified nuring home abuse lawyer until it is too late to pursue the legal action. Our experienced attorneys have been handling nusring home abuse cases for years and securing favorable outcomes for clients through personalized, aggressive advocacy in the Riverside area. Our nursing home abuse lawyers have recovered millions of dollars for our clients and pride ourselves in providing tailored, focused representation to each of our clients. We work on a contingency. Simply put – no fee unless we win your case.

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