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At Gharibian Law, APC, we thrive on providing you with the professional representation you require to fight for your right to recover the compensation you are owed by law after your property has been damaged. When your insurance company refuses to pay its contractual obligations to you, the attorneys at Gharibian Law, APC are ready to fight the insurance company on your behalf.

Fighting for your rights against an insurance company can be taxing. They have powerful attorneys on their side who will use every angle to get out of their obligation to compensate you.  Instead of going about it on your own, use the experts at Gharibian Law, APC. Our lawyers are experienced and have battled with all the major insurance companies for years.  Call us first, before you contact your insurance company.  They will use every word you say against you so please be wise and contact Gharibian Law first.

We know how insurance companies operate, the strategies they use to avoid paying claims and the legal tactics used by their attorneys. Our expert insurance claim attorneys will help you understand this process, your options and how to choose the option that best suites your situation.

We have helped 100’s of clients enforce their legal rights under their insurance policies in a wide variety of property damage cases. These matters include claims related to:

  • Smoke & Soot damage
  • Natural disasters
  • Wild fires
  • Earthquake damage
  • Mold
  • Water & Flood
  • Property Damage claims

Why use Gharibian Law to file your insurance claim?

The Property damage attorneys at Gharibian Law, are very aggressive when it comes to the interests of their clients. Whether or not the case is won is a significant factor in the person’s life. The cost of repairing or restoring your property back to its original state can bea huge expense.

Here at Gharibian Law, we have a team of dedicated lawyers, assistants and various staff members who take every case seriously. We will do all that we can to build a successful case to help you get compensation for the damage done to your property. If you are a victim of property damage, contact us right away for a free consultation to discuss your matter. You will quickly find out if we are the right law firm for you. We hope to make you feel at ease and confident about your insurance claim and will work diligently on your behalf to make sure your property has been restored to the way it was before the damage.

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